Shopping Extravaganza

Shopping Extravaganza

Saturday, May 7 at 10 AM – 1 PM

A variety of vendors selling baked goods, crafts, home decor and more.

Chili lunch served from 11:30 am to 1 pm

Event coordinators Heidi Dunster and Connie Pattimore are assembling three baskets and the draw to take place same day with proceeds to the church general fund.

 If you are interested in contributing, please review the following and give your item/s to

Brenda Cartwright by Sunday, May 1.

 Thanking you in advance!!

1) Backyard BBQ Basket – items that would be suitable for a BBQ e.g. condiments (mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, steak seasoning etc.), flipper, scraper, BBQ lighter, oven mitts, apron (unisex), potato chips or pretzels.

2) Mother’s day/Garden Basket – items that would be suitable for Mother’s Day or gardening eg. potted plants, seeds (food or flower), pots, soil, gardening tools, gloves, apron, miracle grow, watering can, hose/nozzle, solar lights, bird feeder and seed or anything that would dress up a garden or flower bed.

3) Rainy Day Basket – anything that can be enjoyed by a group on a rainy day e.g. puzzles (books or pieces), games (board or other), cards, books, coloring books (adult and children), crayons, markers or pencil crayons, family movie, microwave popcorn, seasoning, candy…and/or any other ideas or items that would complement the theme.

Contact Heidi Dunster or Connie Pettimore for details or reserve a table
613-849-5276 or

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United Welcome

amina's pictures together

It’s time to start to build a bank of volunteers

Refugee Assistance opportunities

  • Driving – to appointments, for groceries, ESL classes, errands, etc.
  • Help register for – OHIP card, Federal Health Plan (IFHP), Social Insurance Card (SIN)
    official documents – Child Tax Credit (if applicable)
  • Help with financial – set up bank account
    Issues – introduce to Canadian money, debit and credit cards, cheques
    – set up a budget, help with income tax
  • Computer – help set up with service provider
  • Education – enroll children in school (if applicable)
    – act as liaison with school and teacher
    – enroll adults in language classes
  • Community – introduce family to neighborhood and local facilities and services orientation (post office, library, bus routes, playgrounds, etc.)
    – acquaint with local laws and customs (e.g. smoking regulations)
  • Shopping friend – e.g. for clothes for different seasons
  • Medical – accompany to doctor (sensitivity to gender – women will prefer
    female physician), dentist, etc.
    – be sensitive to mental health issues
  • Child care and – arrange for child care for pre-school children (if applicable)
    Babysitting – provide babysitting for specific occasions (if applicable)
  • Employment – provide assistance in finding employment (Employment and Education
    Centre) and casual work (e.g. gardening, house cleaning, etc.)
  • Handyman – home painting or miscellaneous repairs (will depend on the accommodation)

Name __________________________________

Telephone___________________ Email____________________________________

I volunteer to help with _________________________or where needed__________

All volunteers will require police check

For more information contact Eileen Doner 613 342-9161,

United Welcome will have his own website, linked to the Wall Street United Church server.

Stay tuned!




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