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It’s time to start to build a bank of volunteers

Refugee Assistance opportunities

  • Driving – to appointments, for groceries, ESL classes, errands, etc.
  • Help register for – OHIP card, Federal Health Plan (IFHP), Social Insurance Card (SIN)
    official documents – Child Tax Credit (if applicable)
  • Help with financial – set up bank account
    Issues – introduce to Canadian money, debit and credit cards, cheques
    – set up a budget, help with income tax
  • Computer – help set up with service provider
  • Education – enroll children in school (if applicable)
    – act as liaison with school and teacher
    – enroll adults in language classes
  • Community – introduce family to neighborhood and local facilities and services orientation (post office, library, bus routes, playgrounds, etc.)
    – acquaint with local laws and customs (e.g. smoking regulations)
  • Shopping friend – e.g. for clothes for different seasons
  • Medical – accompany to doctor (sensitivity to gender – women will prefer
    female physician), dentist, etc.
    – be sensitive to mental health issues
  • Child care and – arrange for child care for pre-school children (if applicable)
    Babysitting – provide babysitting for specific occasions (if applicable)
  • Employment – provide assistance in finding employment (Employment and Education
    Centre) and casual work (e.g. gardening, house cleaning, etc.)
  • Handyman – home painting or miscellaneous repairs (will depend on the accommodation)

Name __________________________________

Telephone___________________ Email____________________________________

I volunteer to help with _________________________or where needed__________

All volunteers will require police check

For more information contact Eileen Doner 613 342-9161,


United Welcome will have his own website, linked to the Wall Street United Church server.

Stay tuned!




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